Posted Nov 18, 2018

The ERU Travel program is geared to competitive soccer players who are willing to make a significant time commitment to soccer. ERU is committed to providing playing opportunities for as many boys and girls as possible, and to allow them to play at the highest level possible based on their talent and desire.  Teams practice twice a week and play one or two games on the weekends.  Tryouts are held each spring to determine the travel team rosters for the following year.  Tryouts are run by hired professional coaches.

The ERU teams play in the Southwest district of the CJSA leagues and must abide by CJSA rules. Travel teams follow CJSA age guidelines; for example, for the U9 team players must be under nine years old as of the 
August 1 season.

To ensure the highest level of training and fairness, ERU requires all travel teams to be coached by non-parent professional coaches. Practices are held twice a week for 1.5 hours. Games are noramlly scheduled for Sundays, but occasionally there will be a game on Saturday as well. ERU travel games are typically played in Fairfield County. Parents are responsible for their child’s transportation to and from games (naturally, a lot of car pooling takes place). Players must wear soccer cleats, shin guards and a team uniform (purchased separately) and bring a #4 (U12 and below) or #5 (U13 and above) soccer ball to all games and practice sessions.

The Travel season schedules are set by CJSA.  The fall season typically begins in mid-September and the spring season typically begins in mid-April.  The ERU preseason for fall begins 1 week before Labor Day and 3 weeks before the first spring game.  Preseason coaching is included in the seasonal club coaching fees.